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  • Comma, comma & and

    Comma, comma & and

    I recently had to concatenate author names with commas and an ampersand in the following manner: commaAnd([‘Emir Jong’]); // becomes: “Emir Jong” commaAnd([‘Kristian Josefsen’, ‘Tetyana Bohuňková’]); // becomes: “Kristian Josefsen & Tetyana Bohuňková” commaAnd([‘Luana Ferreira Carvalho’, ‘Jian Tu’, ‘Ambessa Afwerki’]); // becomes: “Luana Ferreira Carvalho, Jian Tu & Ambessa Afwerki” Here are a few implementations…

  • Lenovo K5 Quick Review

    Lenovo K5 Quick Review

    Pros: Cheap Nice physical interface Decent battery life Cons: Poor camera picture quality Headphone sound quality poor when not loud (e.g. quieter parts of songs) Low speakers Internal storage not huge Moving apps to SD card is something I sometimes have to redo for the same apps Apps sometimes have their icon duplicated when they’re…

  • New site

    Yay, new site. Let’s see how that goes.